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Flavors of Mexico

Flavors of Mexico

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Organic Mexican Hot ChocolateChocolate TablillasAuthentic Mexican Hot ChocolateMexican CacaoTraditional Hot Chocolate SquaresMexican Hot Chocolate TablillasMexican Hot Chocolate Tablillas
Mexican Hot Chocolate Con CaféOrganic Chocolate Coffee TablillasAuthentic Mexican MochaStone-Ground Cacao and CoffeeMexican Cacao and Coffee BlendMexican Hot Chocolate Con Café TablillasMexican Hot Chocolate Con Café Tablillas
6 Pack - Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablillas6 Pack - Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablillas
Mexican Hot Chocolate BolitasOrganic Chocolate BolitasAuthentic Mexican ChocolateArtisan Chocolate GiftMexican CacaoMexican Hot Chocolate BolitasMexican Hot Chocolate Bolitas
Mexican Hot Chocolate Bolitas Sale priceFrom $18.00

4 colors available

Mexican Hot Chocolate SkullsMexican Hot Chocolate Skulls

3 colors available

Sold outMole PoblanoMole Poblano
Mole Poblano Sale price$9.00
Sold outMole PipianMole Pipian
Mole Pipian Sale price$9.00
Sold outMixed 6 Pack -Mole Poblano & PipianMixed 6 Pack -Mole Poblano & Pipian
Sold out6 Pack - Mole Poblano6 Pack - Mole Poblano
6 Pack - Mole Poblano Sale price$52.00
Sold out6 Pack - Mole Pipian6 Pack - Mole Pipian
6 Pack - Mole Pipian Sale price$52.00