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  • A machacador (maw-chaw-ca-dore) is ideal for making the creamiest guacamole or authentic frijoles refritos.

    Use directly in cooking pans or bowls. Grip along slender handle and press down for mashing motion.

    Machacadors are hand carved from solid wood and burned for darker shades by artisans in Mexico.

    Your wooden machacador will darken over time taking on a character of its own. Each machacador is unique due to the handmade nature of the product.

    Includes recipe for Frijoles Refritos.

  • - Dimensions: Approx.. 11.5" long x 2" wide (slight variances due to hand-made nature of item)

    - Made in Mexico

    - Care Instructions: After use, rinse well with water and clean with wet sponge or towel. Very light soap suggested.