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  • Add a sensual Mexican flair to your table with HERNÁN red clay jarritos.

    Jarritos (mini jugs) are used for cafe de olla, atoles, & Mexican hot chocolate.    

  • Traditionally used for drinking water also perfect for serving drinks - whether it's a margarita or paloma, it's more refreshing drinking it from a cool clay jarrito.

    Gorgeous glazed dark brown top and natural brown round bowl bottom. Hand-crafted by artisans in Mexico who use lead-free materials. 

    Pair of 2 mugs or a set of 6 for after dinner drinks.

  • Dimensions: Apprx. 3" inches top opening X 3.5" inches height. 12 Oz

    Available: Individual, Set of 2, Set of 6.

    Lead Free. Made in Mexico.