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Flavors of Mexico

Mole Poblano

  • HERNÁN Mole Poblano is a culinary homage to Mexico’s indigenous and colonial roots.

    Rumored to have been created by nuns in colonial Mexico, our Mole is easy to prepare without compromising the integrity of Mexico’s most quintessential dish.

    The paste is made of 28 natural and vegan ingredients that combined with broth or water results in a deliciously complex yet well-balanced chocolatey spicy sauce.

    A combination of 4 kinds of chilies tempered with raisins, nuts, sesame seeds, cacao, plantains, "piloncillo" (Mexican raw cane sugar), and other herbs & spices.

    Enjoy with poultry, roasted pork, grilled vegetables, shrimp, or fish. Also, use as a salsa for huevos rancheros and tacos, or as a BBQ rub.

  • 1 jar is enough for a whole chicken. 6-8 servings.

    Click on the label for the full ingredients list & nutritional table.