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Sets & Gifts

Mexican Hot Chocolate Bolitas Gift Set


  • Make Mexican hot chocolate the way it's done en Mexico!

  • Sure to delight foodies, gourmands or chocolate lovers - the Mexican hot chocolate set includes our bolitas chocolate in palm leaf basket, a clay Olla de barro, and a hand-carved wooden Molinillo frother. 

  • Limited edition for Valentine's Day available with Cabernet colored bolitas chocolate basket.
  • All items include instructions for use and care.

  • Chocolate arrives packaged together with a beautiful bow to bring joy to your recipient. Chocolate "bolitas", 240g/8.4 oz: Enough for 8-10 cups of Mexican hot chocolate. Olla de barro, approx. 6" wide x 5.75" high; Holds 1 liter, 4 cups. Lead-Free. Molinillo, 12-13"long.

  • All Made in Mexico. Set does NOT include basket base.