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Mexican Hot Chocolate Set with Molinillo Rustico


  • Hand-crafted molinillo rustico frother and Mexican chocolate tablillas from Chiapas are the perfect pairing for a truly authentic Mexican experience.

    Use molinillo to gently press on chocolate square in pot with milk until fully dissolved over medium flame. Then, twist between palm of hands to froth.

    The result - frothy delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate! Available in Cinnamon & "Con Cafe" flavors.

    Both items include instructions for use and care. Arrives packaged together with a beautiful bow to bring joy to your recipient. 

  • Molinillo Rustico

    - Each piece slightly unique. About 13" long*

    - Darkens with use.

    - Hand wash recommended.

     Mexican Chocolate Tablillas

    - Includes 6 tablilla pieces

    - 8.4 ounces, 6 servings

  • * Some variances due to the handmade nature of product.

    All Made in Mexico.