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Salsa Prep & Serve Kit

Prep & serve salsas & guacamoles the way we do en Mexico!

Our kit includes a stone Molcajete (mortar & pestle) with a recipe for Salsa Verde and two medium puerquito salseritos perfect in size to serve your authentically prepped salsa.

A quintessential Mexican kitchen tool found in every Mexican home, our molcajetes  are hand-carved from 100% volcanic stone.

Use to ground spices, chilies, seasonings, or avocados. Prep in molcajete then add a festive authentic feel to your table with our puerquito serving clay bowls.  

Pair them up next to your totopo chips or tacos!

Not up for cooking? Shsh....we won't tell! The molcajete and bowls can be used to serve pre-prepared salsas and dips.

An essential kit for Mexican cuisine aficionados.  Sure to be a conversation starter around any party table.

All products are made in Mexico.

Kit includes: 1 stone molcajete (mortar & pestle). Appx. 4.5" tall x 7.75" wide (some variance due to hand-made nature of item), and 2 medium size puerquito salseritos (5.25 in wide x 2.5 in) size.

HERNÁN molcajetes are made of 100% stone, not cement molds.  

Includes instructions for seasoning* before initial use and a recipe for Salsa Verde.

Puerquito Salseritos; Red-Clay & Hand Painted in brown. Lead-Free.

Kit, $80 ($86, sold separately).


*Watch our How to Season a Molcajete Video here*