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  • Tortillero Tenango "Gallo" 

    Brighten up any table with a Tenango tortilla warmer. Our Tenango with "gallo" rooster design is perfect for keeping tortillas warm at the table or for serving bread.

    Hand crafted by the "Otomi" women of Central Mexico renowned for creating brightly colored embroidered textiles known as "Tenangos" - the mural of the Gods.

    Whimsical imagery portrays a colorful world where humans and nature harmoniously coexist. Otomi women have been passing down their craft for generations to both sustain their livelihood and to enrich their daily lives as they work together in communal groups.

    Available in multi-color. Holds up to 10 tortillas.

  • - 12" diameter

    - Variances due to Hand-Made nature of the product.

    - Made in Mexico.

    - 100% Cotton.