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Flavors of Mexico

Mixed 6 Pack -Mole Poblano & Pipian

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Enjoy both flavors in our 6 pack - 3 of each our Mole Poblano & Pipian. 

100% natural & vegan, both Mole mercado-style pastes combine easily with broth or water to make delicious sauces.

Our Mole Poblano is a combination of 4 kinds of chilies tempered with raisins, nuts, sesame seeds, cacao, plantains, piloncillo (Mexican raw cane sugar), and other herbs & spices. A complex yet well-balanced chocolatey spicy sauce.

And our Pipian is a rich and smooth blend of earthy pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds), sesame seeds, peanuts and spicy jalapeño and serrano chilies.

Click on label for full ingredients list & nutritional table.

Stock up or share with family & friends and save. Mixed Pack, $52 ($54, sold separately).